Monetize Your Words

Join Our exclusive Discord community where you will collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs while learning how to make money online with email.

This is For You If:

• You want to build a newsletter but simply do not know how to start.
• You have questions like "what is the best platform to host my newsletter" and don't know who to ask.
• You struggle coming up with newsletter ideas.
• You struggle with staying consistent sending newsletters.
• You don't know how to build an email list.
• You don't want to pay thousands for coaching.
• You'd like a community where you can get guidance from like-minded entrepreneurs who all have similar goals.

Why We Built The Email Lab

We have experience building email newsletters and using email marketing with clients.So we decided to offer something that no one his offering in the email space. A community where you will learn from two coaches, fellow writers, entrepreneurs, and agency owners.Instead of investing thousands into coaching services you don't know will be worth it, you can get access to the Email Lab for the cost of two meals (per month).

Should You Join the Email Lab?

The Email Lab isn't for everyone. If you've got everything figured out and feel like you're in the right place entrepreneurially, no need to join. In fact, if you're currently monetizing from writing emails, you are all set!But... If you're sick of not knowing what to do, sick of not knowing how to make money writing emails, and sick of not knowing how to properly grow your email list, please join the Lab.At the end of the day, you aren't just investing in two coaches with access to a vast network of marketers and online business owners. You are creating your financially free life. You are creating freedom at your fingertips (literally). You are using your knowledge to make an income, not your time.So, are you in?

Subscription Options

Choose the subscription plan that matches your needs. Keep in mind, Joshua and Hunter will be sharing literally everything we know about making money through writing emails. We've spent thousands on coaching courses, mentorship, and mastermind programs so you don't have to. If you're not as serious about making money online with email writing, feel free to have a free subscription, but keep in mind you will get immense value with Wizard status.